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Timberland Earthkeepers
One of the first shoes to be made from recycled materials, we launched the Earthkeepers by showing the transformation of those materials into beautifully crafted shoes. The consumer insight revolved around the idea that people want to do simple, small things to help save the earth, but don't want to feel preached to or made to feel guilted into an ideology or a cause.


Mercury Marine
Mercury makes outboard motors for all kinds of boats. But what they're really doing is enabling you to pursue your dream of getting out on the water and staying out as long as you like. They are bulletproof motors that you don't have to worry about, so you can concentrate on the things that make you come alive. The consumer insight: while on land there may be a lot of things you have to settle for in life, with a Mercury Marine engine, there won't be any compromises out on the water.

Winter Park Resort
In Colorado, Winter Park is a local favorite. One of the biggest resorts just off the I-70 corridor, it was forever known as two mountains: Mary Jane (the rough and tumble skiing experience) and Winter Park (the family friendly skiing experience). We rebranded the two mountains as seven distinct territories that cater to every level and interest of skiing. Hence the birth of The Seven Territories of Winter Park. Adopted and embraced by the resort, maps and runs were redrawn to highlight the different terrain. On-mountain signage was changed and a new era at Winter Park was born.


McDonald's French Fries
Say what you will about fast food, but no one will argue that McDonald's french fries are pretty damn good. In fact, we started this campaign with the premise that they were the greatest fries in the world. But the lawyers wouldn't let us say that. 


Everyone’s so busy telling you what they are, we thought, let’s tell people what we’re not. Playing off a name that sounds like it was pulled from the IKEA catalog, we proceeded to build creative around all the things that came to mind when the word Vertskebap (a reference to doner kebabs) was uttered. It makes for a visually interesting campaign for the category that brings home what Vertskebap actually is: delicious Mediterranean pitas, gyros and wraps. Yum.

I've been lucky enough to work on a lot of television and video content. From ESPN to Comcast to California Almonds to McDonald's here's a couple of spots from the archives that still make me smile.