The Zoodler

Noodles and Company, a large fast casual franchise focused on creating all kinds of tasty noodle bowls was looking for a way to offer a guilt-free, gluten free choice to their menu. Noodles, as tasty as they are, come with the worry of overloading on carbs. Enter nature’s solution: the zucchini. More specifically spiralized zucchini aka Zoodles aka the zucchini noodle. Noodles offered the healthy substitution for most of their signature dishes and as a result had one of their best financial quarters ever. To get people excited about Zoodles, we built a bike that spiralized zucchinis (the Zoodler) and took it around to let people spiralize their own zucchinis. We even had help from Hoda and Kathie Lee when we took the Zoodler to the Today show and attempted to break the world spiralizing record. Hilarity ensued. Scroll down to watch the stunt.


Zoodles Case Study



Buzzfeed + Student Debt

For our client Thrivent Federal Credit Union, we helped students visualize student debt before they started making financial commitments. Student debt is a great burden on so many college graduates that taking a few small pieces of advice along with thoughtful planning can alleviate a lot of stress. All I can say is, it’s easy to prove a point when you have an inordinate amount of ping pong balls. Scroll down to watch the stunt.