SunnyD Beverage

For years, SunnyD was promoted as the healthy alternative to soda. Well, folks weren't buying it. No wonder, with its day-glow color and tongue-numbingly obscene amounts of sugar, sales were slipping. And decades of cheesy commercials weren't helping the brand either. The classic "purple stuff" construct that was rolled out year after year became part of American culture, not because it was good, but because it was so bad. Part of the challenge became convincing the client that to win people over they've got to make fun of themselves. So that's what we did. In an unapologetically fun parody of the original spots, we stayed away from talking about the drink as a healthy alternative and seeded the idea that people should just enjoy this stuff and "keep it sunny". The results were overwhelmingly positive and award-winning, even prompting MTV to suggest we won "throwback Thursday" forever.  
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