Big Lots

In the world of retail, everyone has to have a very specific niche in order to succeed. And Big Lots has always catered to the bargain hunters. So much so, they've become the butt of jokes in culture and movies, yet remain steadfast in their mission to bring you the best price – even if it's on a popcorn filled guitar (yes, you read that right). "Treasure seekers", as the segment was named by research, are the hardcore customers that peruse the aisles, looking for that next score, be it a need or a want or neither. Because the deal at Big Lots is every week, the store is always a little different. The merchandise is new and unexpected. The thrill is in the hunt and Big Lots has created a successful business model of unloading the stuff other retailers can't get rid of. We fully embraced the price-point mentality for this campaign by literally having the deal floating above the featured item. The visual embodiment of our campaign platform "Here's the deal." Scroll down to watch the campaign.