Woody Creek Distillers

Started by some ex-military men in Basalt, Colorado, Woody Creek Distillers has grown to create some of the finest tasting, award-winning spirits available today. How do they do it? They own the entire process. It all starts out in the fields of their farm where they grow a special strain of Polish Stobrawa potato, revered for its high starch content and flavor complexity. Then it's off to the stills, imported from Germany where it takes only five days from field to bottle for the vodka. It was that dedication to doing it right and embracing the taste of the vodka (while competitors touted how many times their vodka was distilled) that inspired our "return to real" platform. Vodka should have a taste. It should taste like vodka. The gin, born of the same spirit, is made of all local ingredients like wild Colorado juniper for a delicious London-Dry-meets-New-World flavor. These guys are doing it right and they embraced our "return to real" stance. Scroll down to see some work.